NLA-Dallas Eye on Art: Shawn Ewert

Shawn Ewert

Before 2012, I had never really considered picking up a paintbrush. For most of my life, I have been happy to spend my time behind the lens of a camera. Whether that was shooting weddings, still life, or figure studies, I love capturing moments of time the way I see them. While I still love to go out and shoot, the switch from film cameras to digital definitely marked a change for me. 

In 2012, I picked up my first set of paints, and a handful of brushes.  Painting has offered me a way to create something, but also to decompress at the same time. After a drastic change in my work life, I felt the need to try my hand at new things in my creative life. I tend to lean more on queer/kink and dark/horror art, but have a hard time getting an idea in my head and not putting it on canvas, so I work with a wide variety of media and subject matter. 

Through this journey, I’ve landed on a slightly different way of dealing with the issue of money. I don’t price my Work. I would rather my work go to someone that really likes it. I don’t like money being a barrier to that. I tell everyone that likes my stuff that they set the price. Whatever it’s worth to them, and whatever they can afford to pay for it is the price. Money should not be a reason that someone cannot have art they enjoy. I would personally rather make a connection to the person that enjoys my work. There’s no “insulting” me, there’s no haggling. It’s worked out great for me and for my patrons.  

Photo courtesy of Shawn Ewert
Photo courtesy of Shawn Ewert
Photo courtesy of Shawn Ewert

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