Community Spotlight on “ONYX and ONYX Lone Star”

In 1995, Mufasa Ali sat at a dining room table with four other men, and together they formed a new organization – ONYX.  As leathermen of color, they wanted a safe space where they would be able to network and to explore issues germane to all men of color within the wider leather community.  With nine chapters across the US, these nonprofit groups have impacted their communities with strong volunteerism and ongoing educational outreach.  Voting members are bisexual and gay identifying men of color, and associate members are men and women of every race. Additionally, the group has committed to embracing its transgender brothers and welcoming them into the fold. 

Serving the Central Southwest region, Onyx Lone Star was organized by Walter Houston, III, in 2017, to ensure that men of color who enjoy the leather lifestyle would have a voice and a seat at the table.  The region’s response can best be summed up by TC, who said, “When I saw y’all walk through the door [of the Eagle], I thought, ’it’s about goddamn time!’  Y’all have done nothing but good!” 

The group uses its love of community and brotherhood to host fundraisers and events in support of the leather community and beyond.  Even in these uncertain times, they have raised funds for COVID relief and delivered snack baskets to front line workers at a rehab center. 

If you would like to further explore Onyx and Onyx Lone Star’s rich history and ongoing mission and for membership information, be sure to visit and

Photo courtesy of ONYX Lone Star.  Members of the current ONYX Lone Star board pictured above
Photo courtesy of ONYX Lone Star.  Members of the current ONYX Lone Star board pictured above

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