NLA-Dallas Member Spotlight: Absolem

Absolem identifies as a male, heterosexual Asshole with a tendency towards being a service dominant.  His experience with Leather goes back to his teen years.  After cowboying in the Granbury area, he moved to deep South Texas to make a few extra bucks. Wearing his “uniform” of jeans, t-shirts, and boots, he scoffed as he watched the seasoned veterans adorn themselves with leather chaps, gauntlets, and other leather accouterments, thinking they had watched too many movies. After a time of the scrub brush and cactus ripping his clothing and flesh to shreds, he had a new appreciation for leather. He now regards leather first and foremost as an armor, one which induces a mental shift when he puts it on. 

Away from the cacti and the brush, leather becomes a different sort of armor to Absolem, one to defend the flesh and mind from outside influences. He feels a security knowing that protection is there.  As an extension of his resolve to take the best care of himself he can, he sees it as an outer manifestation of care of himself and those around him.

When asked what attracted him to NLA-Dallas, Absolem’s unhesitating answer was inclusiveness. “I have been around the the kink, bdsm, and leather lifestyles since the late 80’s…and I can honestly say I’ve never seen, nor had I heard of, such an openly inclusive fetish/kink friendly organization as I find in NLA-Dallas.”  Leather crafting and quirts are both Leather/kink passions for him, but his greatest passion is community. He has jumped feet first into the NLA-Dallas community by teaming up with his business and life partner, patience, to redesign our website, thus marrying one of his vanilla passions (family) and Leather (community). Oh, and if cigars are on the menu, he is always happy to join you for a good stick and good conversation. To get in touch with Absolem, email or through his kink-friendly IT, web and marketing business at

Absolem (he/him)

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