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  1. I met Artemis at Fantasy Dallas just after I had won Ms. Texas Leather Pride. I was so new to the community and I had no idea what I was doing and my Master at the time, Mack Partain, while not new to BDSM was new to this community as well. I will never forget the first time I saw Artemis. In her leather Rebel outfit with hair down past her ass, I fell in lust. As I got to know her I fell in love with her, and she and I always had a loving, if not always physically close relationship. When I got the call today from Mack Partain about Artemis’ passing my heart broke in two. All I can hope is that the pain that caused this to happen has come to an end and that her spirit has found peace at last. May the heavens keep you and bless you my beautiful friend.

  2. I’ve known Artemis for a pretty long time.I’ve considered her a good friend. She was one of those people that come into our lives that you may not see her for a couple of years yet as soon as you saw each other it was arms wide open and a hearty hello and why haven’t you called me. It is always hard at these moments to acknowledge the loss of such a great community Elder and friend. Dear friend your battles are over rest in Her arms and I’ll see you next time around.

  3. Artemis was a very dear friend of mine for so many years we shared many of good times her passion and her strength and her vibrant smile and laugh was seen and felt heard by all. I will miss our long discussions in my living room about everything from our loving pets to the craziness of the world and the love that we shared for our Leather community I know her spirit is flying high above keeping watch over us.I love you my Dear friend I shall carry you in my Heart always.

  4. Artemis, you are sorely missed. You provided guidance and support and your own splendid laugh. I miss you, and so does the party of my family who got to meet you. You will be long remembered and loved.

  5. Artemis had been one the earliest individuals in the Kink/Leather/BDSM community recognize and call attention to the need for awareness of the problem of Domestic Violence that affected many of our members; and the need to educate, advocate, and provide support and referral for all victims. All of our current successes in this important work are built on the foundations that she helped to lay.

    Artemis was a “radical feminist leather Dyke!”, and a true “one of a kind” individual. She was a passionate advocate for DV victims and life. I was honored that she considered me a freind and I will miss greatly.

  6. I had the privilege to call Artemis a friend for a long time. Her amazing energy and dedication to this community was tireless, as was energy and dedication to her friends. She was one of the early women in the Dallas leather community to be out and proud and willing to share her experiences and her knowledge with others. Artemis was so approachable whether she was wearing the Ms NLA title sash or just sitting hanging out talking to others about our lifestyle. Her smile could light up a room and her openness was refreshing.
    She will be missed greatly by all who loved her and she will be missed by all in our community, for she was a community elder. She shared her knowledge and her love with all everyone she met. She opened the door for others to go through and continued to serve her community

  7. I remember years ago when Artimis taught a formal Dinner class and later that night helped her with that dinner service. Will always remember how most times when I asked I would always get a hug, remarkable for someone who wasn’t much of a hugger. I and we will miss her gift of self and knowledge Artimis would share with us all. Rest well my friend.

  8. Artemis was a strong, vibrant soul. She was always willing to pass on her knowledge. I feel blessed to have known her even slightly. I will never forget her. May her soul be forever at peace.

  9. I remember Artemis when she was a member of Leather Knights… and of course anytime she came out to the Eagle. She was always a woman of great resolve, and always brought a sense of calm. (However, I knew not to piss her off… LOL). She will be orely missed. Rest in Peace and may your wings soar through the ages.

  10. Artemis was a friend for many years and she was instrumental in the development of our Leather Community. Her loss will leave a gap that cannot be easily be replaced. I sincerely hope that we might remember her achievements and contributions far longer than her passing. To get philosophical for a moment, it is our imprint on others that is the measure of our lives. That imprint is our legacy much more than relics or writings. We each find a measure of immortality in that process and that allows our spirits to live as long as others remember our names and actions.

    May Artemis spirit live for a long long time.

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