Go play in the woods!

For the past few months there has been talk about NLA-Dallas joining the Texas Conference of Clubs, aka: TCC (not the same as NTXCC). This is an organization that owns a beautiful, private camp ground in Cameron, Texas. Go have a look! http://www.texasconferenceofclubs.com

NLA-Dallas can become a voting member of TCC granting each of our members full membership status with TCC with access to the camp and the events that go on out there. It would cost NLA-Dallas only $200 per year for this opportunity. We would be sharing the camp with lots of great folks from around Texas. Here is a list of member clubs: Austin Gay Nudists, Bound by Desire, Chain of Command, Cowtown Leathermen, Dallas MC, Discipline Corps, Firedancers-Houston, Heart of Texas Bears, Houston Area Bears, Lone Star leathermen, NLA-Houston, Touch of Leather, and the Trinity River Bears, as well as the TCC Independents Groups A & B.


If you would like to have a fun time out there and see if the camp is something we should join and participate in please consider going to one of the following events:

Join the Firedancers Houston and Trinity River Bears on the weekend of November 1-3 as they host Feast Express. While the host clubs are primarily gay male this run is open to everyone. Ask any member of Firedancers Houston or the Trinity River Bears for more details. Also, you can visit here: http://www.trinityriverbears.com

Touch of Leather is a pansexual group that works to welcome newcomers to the “Alternative Adult Lifestyle.” They are hosting RenFyre on the weekend of November 8-10 and will be posting the registration for the event in the near future on their site: http://www.touchofleather.org

Thank you!

Boy Leo