Get yourself on film!

NLA-Dallas is looking for members to come be in our Fall Frolick commercial to be shot this coming Saturday, October 12th from 1 to 5pm.

You do need know that this commercial will be played at the Fall Frolick Follies on Sunday of the event. There will be many local and out of town people there; as well, the commercial may be posted online and/or played at other venues. So, if you are not a public person or out to your friends and family this may not be something you want to participate in.

What to wear: Please wear jeans, a plain white or plain black shirt or an NLA shirt and/or any leather you may have. This is intended to be a casual representation of NLA but if you go all out in your leathers, that is good too.

Finally, please keep in mind this is at a private residence of one of our members. In order to get the location of the shoot you will need to RSVP with me ( and I will send it along.

Thank you!

Boy Leo