In a small corner in Louisiana, in the 3rd largest city in the state, you can find the group called L.O.T.U.S., a group that builds its agenda on education. In fact, L.O.T.U.S. is an acronym for Lagniappe (a french creole term for a little something extra) Of Teaching and Understanding Sadomasochism/S&M.

They often bring in local teachers not only for an opportunity to expose new teachers to the group but also in hopes that group members will step forward and share their own skills. They accept everyone from the new tots with their shiny new look to grizzled old Leatherman with as many patches on their vest as greys in their head. The group has dedicated time to volunteering in the community with the “Pride in the Park” Trans Awareness team and put some of the money they raise in fundraisers towards “Blessing Bags” of essentials and food for the homeless.  Additionally, they have involved themselves with the Advocacy program in Shreveport to help battered and abused people and are working around the clock on other ways to grow and improve the group and positively impact the community.

Family run since its inception, the group was founded just under 10 years ago in memory of their dear lost LunaEsclava. Current leaders include founding member Sir_K-Wolf, mate Trix Wolf, and long time member BuniDoom. Each being a key part of the group’s development, they have bonded together to try and create something unique for the area.
Vision, a one day intensive, is the most recent education initiative taken on by L.O.T.U.S.  Vision was born out of a need for Leather and community in the Northwestern corner of Louisiana. It was planned so that it would give the team an opportunity to both recharge the area and focus on acceptance among all people. In its first year, the Vision intensive brought out 60 people to attend. Though this would be a modest number in more populated areas, it represents a tremendous reception in its area, particularly in its inaugural year. The presenters said things such as, “They treat us like family,” and, “This has been one of the better events I’ve taught at because I could tell that the people in this group were hungry for it.” The event was the start of a fire among the people in the area and they are ecstatic for Vision 2021: A Second Look at Leather! You can find out more information and how to be a part of this event on their website: