Trix Wolf is a QUEER! Leather artist, musician, sadomasochist, and sarcastic asshole. Even a hopeless romantic.  When you meet them, you will find a person with a quiet intensity and strong vision.  For Trix, Leather is acceptance, learning to accept yourself and others, and in Leather, they have found an opportunity to grow their chosen family.  They see the beauty in such an opportunity, particularly for those whose bio-families turn them away.  In NLA-Dallas, they have expanded that circle; following the lead of their Mentor and some friends, Trix joined the group and has come to embrace the fact that they always have family here in Dallas who welcome them with open arms, no matter what they are doing or when they need it.

Trix’s journey to the world of Leather and kink began with a boot on their face.  At a young age, far too young to be on their own, Trix found themself homeless, during which time they met their Master.  He took them in as a house slave, prohibiting them to play or have sex until their birthday.  When the day arrived, Master chained them to his floor and took his time working them over with floggers and canes until they were weeping uncontrollably.  With a boot on their cheek, Master told them they would always be cared for in his home.  The scent of that boot still lingers in Trix’s memory, a reminder of the moment they knew this was the life for them.

Art inspires Trix Wolf, and it winds through many of their passions, both kink and vanilla.  Seeing their art walking around on others after a sadistically satisfying cell popping session inspires a sense of pride;, they hone their artistic skills with painting and photography.  “I love making anything beautiful,” they say when speaking of their photography.  Other passions include gaming (“you can always use a break for your mind”) and energy work (“it’s an opportunity to truly take part in someone’s soul”).  Hearkening back to their first Leather experience, bootblacking has become a passion that quiets their mind and offers the opportunity to become friend and confidante.

Last January, Trix organized a new Leather intensive called Vision, designed to bring all sorts of Leatherfolx together to learn from each other.  Envisioned as an egalitarian learning space,  Trix was pleased to see both better and less well-known community members rubbing elbows and learning in unison.  This excitement of educating and holding space for all community members is reflected in their wishes for NLA-Dallas.  They would like to see the group provide the membership with uncommon educational opportunities, as well as more involvement from young people.

Say hello to Trix next time you see them!

Trix Wolf
Trix Wolf (they/them)