VENDOR’S CORNER: Bear Essentials

I (Sir_Tender) recently had the pleasure of sharing a personal discussion with Sir Bear of Bear Essentials about his passion for cigars and service to the community. Occurring just before a weekend camping trip with other Leatherfolx, the timing allowed for his responses to “marinate” in my mind and offer context for self-reflection centered on my own values and awe of our community.  Sir Bear kicked off his online cigar business on May 14, 2020, the culmination of  intertwined passions for Leather and cigars, which, for him, exist hand-in-hand. When I asked how cigars became twisted and twined together with his Leather journey, Sir Bear began by sharing fond memories of his Leather Father, Sir Strange (RIP), who continues to be his most compelling influence still to this day. Sir Strange was the one who taught him about Leather and helped him follow his path. He continued by describing the significant influence of his mentor, Master Seykou, who shared his passion for cigars and cigar service. 

Sir Bear’s most beloved cigar scene will leave witnesses hungry to experience it for themselves: “Having a long-ash,” he says, “a willing bottom to receive it in her mouth, and hearing her thank me kindly.”  To him it’s about the energy exchange and watching the happiness and joy on her face. Although Sir Bear has no specific rituals surrounding his cigar enjoyment, he savors a well seasoned cigar with a glass of Bourbon or Scotch. Sharing his future aspirations, he hopes to develop his own signature cigar of organically grown tobacco that will represent the community, pay tribute to all those who have helped him in his Leather journey, and showcase his sense of power in giving ash. 

Until then, Sir Bear offers guidance and sources our well-loved cigars.  For those just starting their exploration of cigars, he offers this advice: start small and inexpensive until you find sticks that you enjoy. His top 3 favorites include: 1. 770 CAO Flathead (a bit of cocoa and dark chocolate notes with a little bit of coffee and a bit of white pepper) , 2. Ave Maria Divinia (some brown sugar molasses sweetness on the retro hail, then strong black pepper jumps right on top of the sweetness and covers it up with a longer finish in the pepper build up), and 3. Drew Estates Undercrown Shade (peppery shot at the beginning with cedar and dark cherry flavor leading to a citrus lemon peel, more into the cigar a creaminess and nutty flavor with the peppery or spice along with just a  hint of citrus & described as velvety and smooth).  See below for online reviews of these particular cigars.
Hit Sir Bear up for your cigar inquiries on his Facebook Bear Essentials page! He’s always happy to share stories and loves the fellowship of enjoying a good stick with friends and family. 

Sir Bear

“No one should go broke, trying to get a Great Smoke.”  — Sir Bear

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