Pet/Handler Corner: little Jami and Aczucena

How long have you identified as a handler, pet, or both?

LJ: I have identified as a pet handler for a little over a year, but prior to that discovery I had extensive time working with Bio horses.

A:   I first identified as a Pony about a year and a month ago, but if you read my Fet Journal Entry “Every little girl wants a pony for her birthday,” you will find that I always wanted to be a pony.

What makes you the happiest in your identity?

LJ: Seeing how happy my pony is when being worked and in her own chosen identity.

A:   The freedom to be a fabulous Show Pony and Princess Pony and be silly and free.

What is your favorite activity?

LJ:  Working on gaits and commands with Azucena.

A:    Practicing my Puerto Rican Paso Fino natural gait!

What is the hardest thing about being a handler/pet/both?

LJ: Finding the sweet spot balancing my pony’s needs for a session with activities that meet those needs.

A:  Being a Pony is one of the most liberating events in my life. It has allowed me to explore another primal yet playful aspect of me.

Handler, if you could build a mini zoo of your 3 favorite species of pets, what would they be and why?

LJ:  A pony, a puppy and a sloth…ponies and puppies make me happy, and I have a fascination with sloths.

A:  No fair!!!  

What advice would you like to pass on to new handlers or pets?

LJ:  Study and figure out how to do this safely. Pony play, while not dealing with hurty implements, is very physically demanding, and the gear and activities associated with it can be physically dangerous. Know your partner’s physical limits and find ways to accommodate those limitations. For example, Azucena can’t handle bit gags, so we found her a bridle that works without a bit.

A:  Read! Research your Bio pet counterpart. Look at Bio horse training videos. Most importantly? Do your pet kink your way! Do not let anyone define your kink. Never.

What learning resources have you found most beneficial?


* The Human Pony by Rebecca Wilcox  

* PonyPlay with subMistressAnn

* Highly recommend any horse handling books by Joe Camp and Monty Roberts

* Horse handling/training videos by Mia Nielson, Warwick Schiller, Clinton Anderson, and Ken McNaab


* The Human Pony Book by Rebecca Wilcox. 

* YouTube training videos on Bio Paso Fino horses.

little Jamie (she/her) and Aczucena (she/her)

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