Clubs and Charities: New Leather Dallas

Are you new to the lifestyle or maybe just new to the Dallas area? Well there is a group for that!  New Leather Dallas is a group dedicated to education for LGBTQIA+. Originally started as a group for 18- 21 year olds so that these people have the opportunity to acclimate to the kink environment before integrating into the community, it now welcomes the new kink generation, regardless of age.

Started 5 to 6 years ago by Steven Grant, the group’s current leadership took on growing and guiding the group as a love project. These 3 individuals have many years of experience between them. Giant, Laurel, and Ursus make up a great team that invites the new generation to kink, be you 18 or 45. In this leadership panel, Giant handles a lot of their social media presence, Laurel handles a lot of the planning and coordinating, and Ursus, being the social butterfly, mingles amongst the people and is a welcoming pair of open arms.

Monthly coffees, munches, or dinners give you the opportunity to speak and learn in a sex positive atmosphere. There is no donation, charge, or age limit for this opportunity to learn and meet others. The munches usually include a lesson, and the group holds a Leather Educational panel twice a year. They choose the topic of discussion based on the ebb and flow of the community, with a beginners education course tossed in as needed. The panels are usually held at the Dallas Eagle and during South Central Leather competition and ILSB and include an opportunity to ask questions and learn more. These panels have featured names such as Hardy Haberman, Donna Dumae, Valerie, Sugar Bear, and Miss Elizabeth.

One of the group’s projects for this year is an Intergenerational Mentorship Program. The basis is for the older and younger generations to teach each other. There’s some backlash when the older generation asks questions about new groups or identities that they aren’t familiar with, and it can lead to them feeling disconnected and ostracized for trying to understand.  Our younger generation is craving stories and information from their elders that can help them navigate the lifestyle long term. This program gives a safe place for both parties to do this.

New Leather Dallas uses their online presence to offer educational posts, advertise classes offered on zoom, and answer questions for people who are new in this community. They do a vetting process for that group by asking some security questions. In this group, you will find a number of different individuals with questions and in need of advice. If you are interested in participating, you can find them on Facebook by searching New Leather Dallas.

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NLA-Dallas members speak openly about adult material which may be inappropriate for minors.