NLA-Dallas Member Spotlight: Valerie

A long-time member of NLA-Dallas, Valerie first came to a meeting with Big Ray in 1998 when meetings were held at the Resource Center at the corner of Brown and Regan.  What began with her friend’s discovery of the organization has led to friendships that feel like home.  She is pleased with the group’s improved community outreach among new members, and she would like to see a heightened online presence of the group’s history.

Valerie believes that Leather is what is in your heart and sees it as a part of one’s everyday life.  She sees it as a guiding code of conduct by which one lives one’s life.  As one who embraces life’s passions, she has found particular joy in the kink world with paddles (on humans who say yes), tea service (attending, participating, and educating), and shoes (enough said).  Her passions of charity work, helping others, and organization are easily seen in her commitment to community education and service as a former treasurer for NLA-Dallas, her role as Her Majesty…Empress 45 of the United Court of the Lone Star Empire, and working closely with the Dallas submissives Mentors Program.  “You must live what’s in your heart,” she says when asked about her passions.

Valerie’s first experience with Leather was as part of ROTC in high school, and the set of values and morals made an impression on her.  The year the Ms. World Leather contest came to Dallas was a memorable moment on her Leather journey that expanded her circle of acquaintances and friends.  As you might imagine given her wide social circle, she answers to a variety of names from Your Majesty, Empress 45 of the United Court of the Lone Star Empire to Hey, Tie-Dye to just Valerie.  

Next time you see her, be sure to say hello. In the meantime, she can be reached at

Endnote: Valerie met best friends Big Ray and Gator on a camping trip in 1993.  Gator would later become her husband, and Big Ray would push her further into the Dallas community.  Sadly, Valerie and Gator lost a piece of their hearts on 08/24/2020 when Big Ray passed away.  They are heartbroken with his loss but grateful for the gift he brought to their lives every day that they’ve known him.

Valerie (she/her)

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