Contests and Title Holders: Texas Power Exchange (TXPE)

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The Texas Power Exchange Contest (TXPE) is kicking off its inaugural year on October 10, 2020.  Producers Malcolm and Master John are thrilled to be bringing this new contest to Dallas because it embraces such a wide swath of our community and promotes education about the myriad of possibilities in power exchange dynamics.  Open to those over 21 regardless of gender or sexual preference, all flavors of mature (1+ years) power exchange pairs/triads/poly/families are invited to compete, limited to 3 representatives from a poly family.  Because of a strong commitment to the health and safety of all contestants, judges, volunteers and attendees, logistics are still in the planning stages.   

TXPE contestants will be judged in four areas:  an educational presentation in which contestants demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively and educate about their specific dynamic, a demo/fantasy in which contestants will be invited to present a scene or scenario that involves their power dynamic, a closed interview with the judges, and their overall presentation during the contest.  With fundraising assistance from TXPE, the selected titleholders will have the opportunity to present demos and classes to educate others about their dynamic in venues across the country, and they will go on to compete in the International Power Exchange Contest at Beyond Leather in May of 2021.   

When asked what made this educational title special, Malcolm and Master John had this to say:  “The Texas Power Exchange Contest celebrates the wonderful diversity of power exchange dynamics found within our community, both those that identify as leather and those that do not.  From Owner/property to Taken in Hand to Sir/Ma’am and boy/boi/girl/little and everything in between, we have much to teach each other and much to celebrate.” 

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