NLA-Dallas Member Spotlight: Miss Velvet Steele

Miss Velvet found NLA-Dallas through a friend, so she made a point of attending the next monthly general meeting. When asked why NLA-Dallas feels like home, she explains, “The more I get to know people, the more welcome and at home I feel.” She compliments NLA-Dallas for offering opportunities for togetherness, even in the COVID era, but has a desire to see the group strengthen and be more visible as a trusted source of community education and leadership throughout the year. To her, Leather means “Kinky with a code of conduct that emphasizes integrity and a sense of being true to oneself and one’s people. Loyalty. Community.” Since meeting Miss Velvet, there’s no surprise about her growth into the Leatherwoman that she is today, considering one of her top Vanilla passions is learning. She embraces learning new skills, ideas, and ways of thinking, which is only the tip of the iceberg. Opera and friendships are especially valuable to her uniqueness. She describes excellent classical operatic music as filling her heart and soul in a way that “feels like I have touched the divine,” and “experiencing it live in a darkened theatre, in communion with others who love it, is sublime.” She creates flattering imagery when talking about her friends; they “give color to the tapestry of my life” and she treasures every moment spent with them.

One of Miss Velvet’s first experiences with Leather was having a discussion with Miss Elizabeth where a simple idea was shared, “If you think you’re Leather, you are.” Having no concrete understanding of what she was talking about, her search continued for more clarification. However, in 2019 while volunteering at BED, that idea made perfect sense. One evening, with some down time to chill, she joined a group of people by the pool. As she looked around, she noticed everyone was wearing  leather. Ursus loaned her his jacket to cut the chill and it settled on her like a forgotten friend. She fondly recalls, “I sat and watched and listened, and I knew I’d found my home.”

When asked about her top 3 Leather or kink passions, she shared: Setting the scene, Needles, and Community. Although she doesn’t plan her scenes in great detail,  she does savor the anticipation of planning the broad strokes and assembling any necessary gear, as well as the quieting of her mind and narrowing her focus while dressing for the occasion. She loves the feeling of inserting needles into flesh, the reactions they elicit, and the creativity of placing and adorning them. She states that she has found a community in Leather that encourages her curiosity, values her contributions, and expects high standards. In short, it feels like family. Make sure to say hello to Miss Velvet when you see her. She can also be reached on Facebook at Velvet Steele or Fetlife at MissVelvetSteele.

Miss Velvet Steele (she/her)

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