NLA-Dallas Member Spotlight: Dan Perry!

Next time you are at an NLA-Dallas meeting, be sure to listen for the voice of reason and look for the man with the impressive gray beard; there you are sure to find longtime member Dan Perry.  Before you get to know him, his firm grasp of Robert’s Rules of Order and Leather history and seeming knowledge of where all the bodies are buried can be a bit intimidating.  Until you notice the twinkle in his eye.  He keeps us on track when it’s time for business, but when it’s time to let our hair down, a seat near him will reward you with conversation, both entertaining and educational.  Dan’s passion for hugs, conversation, and bonding are evident in his interactions and community involvement.

Not one to be put up on a pedestal, he good-naturedly rebuffs efforts to elevate him to Leather royalty except, of course, when serving as His Most Imperial Majesty, Emperor 45 of Dallas and All Northeast Texas, so crowned by the United Court of the Lone Star Empire.  Talking with him reveals a wealth of knowledge of and experience within the 

community as well as an irrepressible, irreverent spirit; indeed when asked what first brought him to NLA-Dallas, Dan responded, “It was so long ago, I do not remember!”  It is certain what keeps him here, though: friendship and camaraderie.  

Dan’s Leather journey began with bondage, which continues to be one of his passions to this day, along with mentorship and power imbalance.  For him, Leather is the umbrella under which sit leather, kink, bdsm, and fetish play; but most important to him is the interpersonal relationship that builds trust and shared energy.  While he values his path, he also has fun with it.  For instance, he is the only Master out there with a crown adorning his cover, and somewhere in his closet is a vest with a tongue-in-cheek patch identifying him as a member of the mythical Council of Elders.  Through the humor, though, he is very clear about what he wants for NLA-Dallas.  He wants us to sharpen our focus as a stable organization that continues the work of keeping the community together and serving to support and educate everyone.

Dan has a particular skill valued by all leatherfolkx: he does leatherwork!  “I started when I was the costumer for a Renaissance Faire,” he reminisces, “and had to make an outfit for the Sherific.  I was already playing in leather and started sewing it then.  It soon became clothes and toys.”  If you are looking to have a particular garment or toy made, or if you just need a patch sewn on, he’s your man.  Next time you see Dan, be sure to say hello!

Dan Perry (he/him)

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