May Leather Perspectives Summary

What does it mean to be a Majordomo for a Leather House?
By Bushido_Bard

The National Leather Association presented their latest Leather Perspectives and I had the pleasure to listen to slave raven discuss her experiences being a Majordomo for a Leather House. The title Majordomo carries with it many different connotations, but the one that slave raven liked most was this: a person who speaks, makes arrangements, or takes charge for another. She liked to stress that she had the authority to organize and direct servants within the house but not to punish; this was reserved for Master McGeorge. Every day it was her duty to see that the house ran smoothly and the other servants tended properly to their chores.

Initially slave raven was alone in her duty to the house before other servants came to the house. Upkeep and timely meals were all hers to plan so she became meticulous in her attention to details and when reminders were needed. She arranged all pertinent information into sheets or books that she could call upon when needed. Information such as when and what bills were due, titles and ownership papers regarding vehicles, and even when medications needed to be refilled.

Slave raven kept a private book, popular culture sometimes calls them butler’s books that covered details such as what drinks guests preferred or what dinners were served in the past to certain visitors. In this way slave raven could ensure that people felt at ease and it was never the “same old dinner” being served. How Master McGeorge took his coffee and other details on how food was to be prepared should be remembered. In the event that she could not be there in person, slave raven would even have detailed instructions so that anyone could follow along in her duties to the letter.

As more slaves entered under the ownership of Master McGeorge, slave raven would delineate duties based upon ability in order to ensure that tasks were still completed. Although there were some chores that were not her favorite, she still completed them because she was the best person for the job. If you were the cook for the house then the Majordomo had the authority to allow the cook to reorganize the kitchen for maximum efficiency. Although slave raven did not have the power to punish the others slaves for misbehavior or failure of duty, she certainly reported to Master McGeorge.

Establishing the direct authority and powers delegated to the Majordomo are paramount in successively managing a Leather House. Many times slave raven said that if the powers are not clearly defined between Master and the Majordomo then confusion sets in and the House fails to function properly. Personal data sheets were kept by slave raven on each and every person so that in cases of emergency help could be administered or in worse cases legal authority was granted to wrap up their affairs. These personal sheets had very important and private information and it was up to the Majordomo to keep them all updated and carefully protected.

When uniforms were required in the house the colors and materials were chosen by Master George, but they were later changed because of the issues brought up by slave raven. As the Majordomo, she petitioned for the colors to change because the brightness of the shirts easily showed dirt or sweat from daily work. Not just any slave in the house could complain or suggest this; but the Majordomo could, in the name of the good of the House, make suggestions. This obviously is an exception in what someone may consider a standard M/s relationship, but a useful if not necessary one.

After her presentation there were various questions and answers but in most of the answers slave raven repeated that the powers of the Majordomo must be clearly defined. Whether Master McGeorge was ill, or away on business it was up to slave raven to manage the house and its affairs. This sometimes included dealing with members of Master George’s biological family. After Master McGeorge passed away the Leather House peacefully disbanded and everyone continued their journeys separately. When asked how she managed to keep such details and supervise so much she smiled and commented that it’s the duty of the Majordomo and it had to be done; I was happy to do it!

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