Calendar Blast for NTXCC and Beyond

What are you doing to have a good time and support our DFW community? Here is your big list of times, places and events so you can get out and into it all!

1) Friday Aug 2 from 6:30-10:30 is UCLSE CPR’s “Spanish Rock & Roll Show” @ The Eagle.

 *TGRA-D: Raunda Bevon Ashton’s Benefit for Miss Yellow Rose from 8-10 @ Hidden Door

2) Saturday Aug 3 from 8-10:30 the 26th Annual Miss Leo from 8-10:30 @ Hidden Door

3) Sunday Aug 4 is the UCLSE-Meetings from 1-6 @ Youth First Texas

*Court de Ft Worth/Arlington “Corn Ball” from 7-10 @ Club Reflections

**TGRA Yellow Rose from 7-10 @ Round Up Saloon

4) Tuesday Aug 6 from 7-9 is the NLA General Meeting @ John Thomas Center

5) Wednesday Aug 7 from 7-10 is the T-Bears Club Night @ Hidden Door

6) Friday Aug 9 from 10-12 is Discipline Corps Bar Night @ The Eagle. Get your tickets for Sun

7) Sunday Aug 11 DC Play Party 12-6 sponsor &/or tickets required (see Fri bar night)

*TGRA Dallas Chapter Meeting from 1:30-3:30 @ Round Up Saloon

** TGRA monthly cookout from 3:30-5:30 @ Hidden Door

8) Monday Aug 12 Leather Knights Member Meeting 7:30-9:30 @ Youth First Texas

9) Saturday Aug 17 UCLSE Summer Revival Show from 6-10 @ The Eagle

* Leather Knights “Leather Night” from 10-12 @ The Eagle

10) NTXCC Quarterly Meeting from 12-2 @ Club Reflections

*UCLSE Leather & Lace Show from 7-10 @ The Eagle

As always the NTXCC Community Calendar is up and ready to help you plan your fun.

Just click that link to see the calendar. If you want more info just click on the entry and get the details. If you have anything that should be added to the community calendar drop a line with the details to me at and I will send them along to be listed.

Go, support, and be a part of your community! Hope to see you!

Boy Leo