Boots on the Ground/Bikes on the Streets

Pride Parade and NLA-Dallas… like chocolate & peanut butter — it’s a natural!

On Sunday, September 15 we’ll be marching and riding motorcycles* in the 30th edition of The Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade, themed “Deep in the Heart of Pride”, and — WE NEED YA!

Whether you’re gay, lesbian, het, bi, or trans we want you, we NEED you to participate. This is a great day to get together with others in NLA-D, meet new folk, and just have fun. If you can, we’d love for you to march. If you have a motorcycle, we’d love for you to ride!

We’ll have a simple get-together, pot-luck lunch work session on Sunday the 11th to make up some small banners for marchers and back-seat riders/sissy bars. Also, we’re investigating making a giGUNDO — 6’ to 8’ –on-a-side banner of the NLA-D logo as the centerpiece of our marching contingent.

If you have sign-making experience, access to a dry-mount press, or experience with mounting small signs — WE NEED YA!

If you can sew Naugahyde — WE NEED YA!

If you’re an artist who can paint on thick fabric or Naugahyde — WE NEED YA!

Time is short, so just drop in at our planning get-together during the post-meeting munch after our next general meeting on Tuesday, August 6th. We’ll just meet for a few minutes to discuss ideas and get to know one another. If you can’t make that meeting, just let me know you’re interested!

Send me an e-mail if: you want to March, you want to Ride, you want to Work, you can help with Signs… at

* If you don’t own a bike but can ride on the back of a friend’s let me know that too! (Even if they are NOT an NLA-D member.)

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NLA-Dallas members speak openly about adult material which may be inappropriate for minors.