BOOTS & BIKES! The Pride Parade… NLA-Dallas Style

NLA Pride Parade

Come join us or just cheer us on at the Pride Parade this Sunday! Full information is below. If you have NOT yet, and want to march, please contact no later than 5pm Wednesday.


10:00 AM Staging streets are closed to traffic. Official parade entries are allowed to enter.
12:00 PM All parade entries must be in their staging location — approximately the intersection of Wycliff & Maple, in front of Sal’s Pizza.  We are entry #59.  Any entries that are not in place will not be allowed to participate in the parade.
1:00 PM Pre-parade begins and will be allowed to perform for each of the announcer and judges. Pre-parade entries must be past Oak Lawn Ave. by 2:00 PM, NO exceptions.
2:00 PM The Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade kicks off and proceeds down the parade route.
3:00 PM NLA-D group will likely begin their march

Parking is a huge issue. The earlier you get to the area, the closer you can get to the route… but the more time you have to kill before the parade actually begins for the NLA-Dallas contingent. You may wish to seriously consider having a friend drop you off somewhere near the Wycliff/Maple intersection, then calling them after the parade to pick you up at some spot several blocks away from Lee Park after the end of the parade.  Another option is to car pool!

You can pick up your official NLA-D Pride Parade T-shirt — and beads —from the back of the giant white pickup at our starting point; those are first-come, first-serve, though we should have enough for all. We’d like ALL NLA-D entrants to wear the T-shirt so we look like we’re together, literally as well as in spirit!

This year marchers & riders cannot show any part of breasts or butts — and that includes see-thru tops, thongs and crotchless chaps. The pride parade committee will enforce this by kicking out any group — FOREVER — who don’t follow this rule.
Be smart and wear/bring sun block and perhaps a hat to shield yourself from old Sol!!!  Remember, shorts will be cooler, but then DO use sunscreen on your beautiful gams too!

We have a TON of beads, but they go fast! Each marcher will be given many packets of beads to throw, but pace yourselves!!! Do NOT begin throwing beads until we’re on Cedar Springs. Throwing a couple of necklaces every 15 paces or so will help stretch our supply!

The motorcycles will lead our group, 3-across. The four flags; Leather, Gay, U.S. and Texas will be held by back-seat riders on the outside bikes, front two rows.

The bikes will be followed by Sir Lacey & Maarqus hefting and marching with our 8’wide, 6′ tall giant NLA-D banner, and then the marchers follow them — with the water/cooler pickup in the rear. In order to fit in our allotted 50’ group length limit, the truck may be in the middle, surrounded by marchers.

The white pickup is serving as our T-shirts, beads, flags/poles/brackets, giant banner & support poles, trash bags and a fire extinguisher vehicle. It will also carry several giant coolers with water, Gatorade and 175 pounds of donated ice. Big thanks to Billy Mac for use of the truck AND the ice!!!! Please drink lots and watch one another for signs of heat stress!!!

The Festival in Lee Park will have significant changes this year. Lee Park will be fenced and a $5.00 general admission will be charged to all who enter. There will also be a dedicated “kids” space in Lee Park. Our parade entry space received five (5) general admissions to the Festival in Lee Park and NLA-D Treasurer Fred has those.

Thanks a TON for participating! Yup, at a projected 96º it will be hot, but it will be fun as hell and a great way to get to know other NLA-D members better!

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  1. Stay hydrated today and have fun!

    I won’t make it to Dallas to join you all this afternoon, but I am there in spirit!

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