Beyond Vanilla XXIV Call for Volunteers


NLA Dallas is forming the Beyond Vanilla XXIV Committee, and we need your help!

We are looking for a group of committed volunteers to organize and put on this annual educational conference and charity fundraiser. Beyond Vanilla XXIV will be September 26-28, 2014.

We are looking to fill the committee, which will consist of Department Chairs and their assistants. If you were on the committee last year and want to volunteer again, you must let me know! If you’ve never volunteered before, here’s your chance! Please let me know!

We need your talent and creativity!

Please email me directly at to let me know your talents and interests. The positions fill up quickly, and we don’t want to overlook your skills, so if there are multiple areas that your abilities fit, and you would be willing to commit your time to any one of them, please list those. We would like to have the committee formed by January, so we can hit the ground running in February, so please email me as soon as possible!

Departments include:

*Marketing, which includes social media, website building, graphics design, and sponsorship sales;
*Programming, which includes presenter recruitment, scheduling and logistics;
*Vending, which is responsible for vendor recruitment, organizing and logistics;
*Registration, which requires organizational skills, basic excel skills, and communication skills;
*Volunteer coordination, which requires organizational and communications skills to recruit, schedule, organize and meets the needs of those who volunteer during the event;
*Social activities and Play Party Coordination, which requires organizational and communication skills, and working with outside groups; assisting with Team Dungeon and other social activities in set-up, dismantling and oversight of activities.
*Entertainment, which requires the ability to produce a major stage production and coordinate with the producers of the International Puppy & Trainer Contest and the Great Plains Olympus Leather Contest.
*Secretary, who is responsible for attending every BV Committee meeting, and producing, maintaining, and posting the meeting minutes.
*Silent Auction, which is responsible for acquiring, cataloging and displaying items to be auctioned for charity; and oversight of the silent auction.
*Security, which is responsible for managing a dedicated team of volunteers, including scheduling and protocols, as well as coordinating with the venue in regard to security-related matters.
*Assistant to the Co-Directors, which is a three year commitment. The Assistant to the Co-Directors is in training to become one of the next Co-Directors, and must be able to take on a leadership role with the BV committee. We try to maintain gender parity/neutrality when we can, so this year we are looking for a male-gender-identified assistant. While not necessary, it is preferred that the Assistant is an individual who has previously served on the BV Committee in a different role.

The time and energy commitment is significant–the committee will meet the third Thursday of the month February through July, then twice a month in August, and every week in September until BV weekend. You must also be prepared to commit your time to help during the BV event.

I can attest to what an incredibly rewarding experience it is to work behind the scenes of NLA’s Beyond Vanilla. It is so amazing to meet leaders, title-holders, speakers, and craftspeople from all over who also value education, fun, kink and Leather; and to participate in an event that means so much in terms of providing an entertaining and meaningful experience in the journeys of so many people.