Artemis’ Memorial Summary by danika

Artemis’ Memorial Summary

By: danika

On November 16, 2013, the Leather community came together to honor the life of Artemis Silverowl, one of the Dallas Leather community’s long term and much respected members.

The memorial, held at the Interfaith Chapel of the Cathedral of Hope and attended by over one hundred people, included an honor guard which presented the gay pride and Leather pride flags.  Artemis’ boots, vest and cover, along with a photograph of her, were displayed at the front of the chapel. The Honor Guard consisted of Sir Lacey, Terrie Anderson, Master Mack, Master Gator, Fred A., and Raven.

The service was officiated by koneko and paid tribute to Artemis’ Wiccan faith.  Artemis’ fiancee, La Lioness, as well as long time friends Jim Richards, Hardy Haberman and Master Lanie, remembered Artemis as a strong, courageous and loving woman.  They also celebrated her devotion to the Dallas and international Leather communities and her strong desire to keep people safe, which was expressed both in her career as a site safety manager and her work with the Domestic Violence Project.

A video tribute, produced by Ian Coleman and featuring pictures from Artemis’ life, was played, as was one of Artemis’ favorite songs, Winds Four Quaters.

After the conclusion of the service, a reception was hosted by the Knowlton family. Later that evening, a cigar memorial took place at the Dallas Eagle, organized by Fred Anderson.

The video tribute to Artemis mentioned above can be found on YouTube by searching “Artemis Silverowl”.

“I firmly believe that the future growth and survival of the Bd/Sm/Leather/fetish community depends upon coalition building, tolerance, integrity and service.  We must become adept at respecting our differences while building bridges for our common good.”  — Artemis Silverowl

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