Vendor’s Corner: Foxy Feisty Redhead

Kinky chainmaille made by a curvy redhead – Foxy Feisty Redhead

AJ of Foxy Feisty Redhead has a goal, which is to make chainmaille feel fun and body positive! She started creating these quality, made-by-hand works of art around 3 years ago because she wanted to have beautiful chainmaille pieces for herself but was having trouble finding that for larger bodies. Making pieces that are size inclusive is really important to her. She loves having people of all shapes and sizes be able to come up to her booth when vending and be able to try something on or find an item with their pride flag. As such, she has made a commitment to keep her scale halter tops the same price across all sizes and is adamant about having pieces that are available for all sizes that do not make the wearer feel “taxed” over their body.  In addition, she takes great care to make sure she offers at least 9 or 10 different flag options when she vends so people do not feel left out. AJ says “my goal is that people feel seen, even if they don’t walk away with a purchase.”

Foxy Feisty Redhead is an avid supporter of the community and regularly donates to raffles or auctions where she is vending. This pandemic has not stopped her from giving back to her community. She has donated to groups that have raised tens of thousands of dollars for lifestyle related charities.  She also runs raffles on her own facebook page to support Leather Heart Foundation and several POC and Trans mental health funds. Additionally, mystery bags are available for purchase on her website, with $3 of each one going to an organization that helps folks in the Leather, kink, and sex worker community who are financially impacted by the pandemic.

Although selling online has been an interesting experience for everyone, it has not held back Foxy Feisty Redhead. It has presented her with a new experience and a client base that she may not have been able to reach before, though she cannot wait to return to business as usual vending and teaching in person! Covid has allowed AJ the time to build up quite a bit of stock, and she is ready to get out and show it to the masses. She is currently working on some beautiful holiday pieces and smaller items such as necklaces, earrings and bookmarks. She is always available to do larger personalized orders as well. She loves to experiment with patterns and colors while creating something personal just for you!  For more information,check out her website,, or find her on Facebook as Foxy Feisty Redhead.

Disclaimer: We seek to introduce our members to the wide variety of kink merchants, with no explicit or implicit endorsement by NLA-Dallas.

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