The Beyond Vanilla Committee Needs You!

Would you like to participate in the planning and organization of Beyond Vanilla XXV? We need talented individuals who are willing to contribute a significant amount of time and energy to putting on this amazing event. All positions are currently open. 

Please contact the Co-Directors at by January 5th, 2015 to let us know what positions you are interested in. Tell us a little about your background, knowledge and skills and any experience you may have had volunteering for these kinds of events in the past

You will be contacted by the Chairs to discuss positions available and ways you can volunteer for Beyond Vanilla. Positions are limited and if not selected for the Committee we really hope you will join our great staff of volunteers.

The Beyond Vanilla Committee will be finalized on January 27th, 2015.

Assistant to the Co-Directors: This is usually an individual who has served on the Beyond Vanilla Committee in the past, and who wants to take on being a Beyond Vanilla Co-Director the next year. This person will work closely with the Co-Directors and all other committee members through all stages of the planning process and execution of the event. Since we try to maintain gender parity, as it is Beth’s last year to serve as Co-Director, we are calling for a female-gender identified individual for this position.

Workshops Director: This person and their two assistants work closely with other committee members and are responsible for finding and managing our presenters. This includes contacting them, arranging travel and lodging and needs during the event, creating the schedule of workshops, and overseeing the workshops and Hospitality Suite during Beyond Vanilla weekend.

Marketing Team: This team consists of individuals knowledgeable of specialized marketing tasks. These team includes:

Marketing Director —oversees and coordinates the marketing team;

Social Mediamanaging, writing and getting writers for daily and weekly informational and entertaining messages on various social media (i.e. Fetlife, Facebook and Twitter) to advertise Beyond Vanilla before and during the event;

Website/Runbook—Building, maintaining and updating the Beyond Vanilla website before and during the event; This individual will also be responsible for producing the Runbook for Beyond Vanilla.

Sales—Responsible for selling advertisements in the Beyond Vanilla Runbook.

Vending Director: This person is responsible for the vendors and vending area at Beyond Vanilla. This includes contacting them, determining a good mix of vendor merchandise appropriate to our event, securing payment for their vending space, organizing the vendor area (table set up, electrical needs) and seeing to the vendors’ needs throughout Beyond Vanilla weekend.

Registration Director: This person and their assistant maintains the electronic and paper registration database, secures individuals’ payments for event registration and other amenities, answers emails, creates gift certificates, and fields questions from the community about the event. This person (and an assistant and team of volunteers) is works the registration table during the Beyond Vanilla event.

Volunteers Director: This person and their assistant are responsible for securing volunteers for the Beyond Vanilla weekend. This includes contacting them, determining their schedules and placement, and seeing to their needs during the Beyond Vanilla weekend.

Security Director: This person is responsible for managing a team of volunteers who see to the safety and privacy of Beyond Vanilla attendees and staff.

Dining Director: Is the main contact with the hotel staff during our organized meals.

Silent Auction Director: This person and their assistant are responsible for acquiring items to go into our silent auction which benefits our chosen charity. They are also responsible for managing the silent auction, taking payment and announcing winners during Beyond Vanilla.

Entertainment Director: This person works closely with the Contest Director to produce a Friday night show for the public to raise money for the contests and our chosen charity.