SweetSalt’s Earned Leather Ceremony

Once upon a time in a far-off land there was a small, private group of like-minded Leather people that united for a weekend of fellowship, appropriately distanced of course. Does it sound like the beginning of a fairy tale? Well, not exactly, but Craptastic 2020 has handed us a year where we learned to overcome and celebrate in our brothers and sisters successes and triumphs. Seriously though, one of the most spectacular experiences that occurred the weekend of November 21st was a beautiful ceremony of acceptance, recognition and love. Those in attendance were blessed enough to bear witness to one such amazing Leatherwoman who was recognized after years of service, commitment and selfless dedication to our community: SweetSalt.

Master Malik started by reminding us that they had been together for a little over 5 years. “It’s been an interesting and fascinating journey.” And he wanted to give her earned Leather after reaching out to some of her friends first. He asked them to share their thoughts “does she deserve earned Leather?” As anyone that knows her would agree, the resounding response was: hell yes!  The first response was a beautifully crafted message of adoration from Briar read aloud by a teary-eyed rebel. Briar believes SweetSalt’s consistent actions uphold the principles of Leather: honor, integrity, trust, respect, and loyalty. Sir Mark (in a sexy pair of bike shorts and a leather vest) shared his thoughts and conversations within the Leather Heart Clan on her being a rock, always exemplifying her values in her actions, and being a leader within our Leather community. Next, Alice read a letter from Master TC where he spoke of his awe watching her transformation from a shy girl into a confident, strong woman with self-respect who is an amazing teacher, “AND ONE HELL OF A LEATHERWOMAN.” Master Malik read a letter from Hardy Haberman next that referenced many of her endearing qualities, but it really all boiled down to “she marches to the beat of her own drum.” Lastly, rebel shared Ivey’s thoughts where she described how she viewed SweetSalt as the embodiment of Leather, about being unapologetically yourself and fucking! Finally, and most deserving, Master Malik dressed SweetSalt in her earned vest. She strives to do more of  “her Leather” for her peers, community, and her Master, but this moment of recognition is an experience she will forever treasure because “It made me feel like I actually have made a positive difference which part of my purpose in life.”

SweetSalt (she/her)

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