Our first Experience at SPLF by Skynet

Our first experience at SPLF…wow were to begin. It was an intense weekend filled with protocols, fun, and spiritual energy for us. We knew going into the conference that we might not be attending many classes, but we knew we wanted to experience everything we possibly could both during and after the classes.

From the moment we entered the conference, we were greeted with familiar energy and faces. Just as we were told by everyone that SPLF was like coming home, being with family, and other like minded people. This was definitely not an exaggeration since even unfamiliar faces has familiar energy. The registration process was seamlessly orchestrated, getting folks checked in for the weekend with ease like a well tuned engine. With so many presenters and awesome classes it was hard to choose just one at a time. If only I could clone myself…oh well, maybe next time. The first day ended with a good cigar and great conversation thanks to subHaven and DgOL offering excellent cigar service at the cigar social Friday night.

The next day was just a great continuation from the day before with more great classes and contest pageantry. During the morning on Saturday, I was asked to join my mentor and my slave and a few others in the smoking area. As we entered, I was ordered front and center. Then I was advised by Sir TC, my mentor, that I was currently out of uniform and told to take off my shirt. I was then presented my vest which was certainly one of the greatest moments of the weekend. It is a memory that will be relived each and every SPLF in my future.

Who could forget the silent action and the vendor area? What a great selection of toys and toy makers. There is nothing like someone telling you about why they made a toy and explaining why you should buy their product. We have certainly enjoyed all our purchases and auction winnings.

At the end of the day, we were well worn out from all the activities going on and decided to sit back and observe. Being a part of the setup crew for the Dungeon (Go Team Dungeon!), I decided to walk through the play space and observe the energy. I made my way to the first area which had a really good even energy. I stand there with my slave for a moment watching others relish in each other. After observing a few scenes, I start to wander to the other end but was blocked by an overwhelming urge to remove myself from that area. I quickly exited. Once outside, my slave asked me if I had felt the wall of energy and I responded that I had and it was overwhelming. I could not identify the energy as good or bad, but rather just as overwhelming like too much energy trapped in a small space.

As we leaned over the balcony gathering ourselves and processing the day, I asked my slave what she saw as we gazed at the crowd below. She observed three distinct sections of energy and I concurred. In the first area close to the front entry there was dancing and music. The energy there was bright, fluid, and free. In the middle, the energy was flowing but with a slight hesitation and somewhat demurred. The last segment was more or less closed, reserved, dark and dense. As people passed between the segments the energy would swirl and mingle, but then settle back into the segments once again.

After watching the energy ebb and flow from above, we decided to adjourn to the middle section were a circle had formed. There were old friends and new friends. Then there was Vanilla Vodka, and the circle grew as the offers of a drink were made to each passerby. Then the circle shrank again. Suddenly, two partial sheet cakes arrived and as the invitation to all who crossed within ear shot became “We have vodka…we have cake!” the circle grew. Sitting in this area with good conversation and drinks was quite an experience. Stories of phenomenal play sessions and life stories were plentiful. I even got the rare opportunity to witness the connection of two people from introduction through the negotiation of a sharing the hotel room that night. The circle grew and shrank a few more times before it finally dissipated in the wee hours of the morning.

The last day was exciting as the first day. Saying goodbye is never fun because tomorrow is never promised, so we must enjoy what we have today. We ended the event and the night with a quick trip to the Sanctuary after party before heading home.

All in all, it was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time and I look forward to the next one especially another cake and vodka fueled circle. My thanks to all the folks that took the time out of their schedule to host such an awesome conference and to all the presenters willing share their knowledge.

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