NLA Dallas DVP Team Report, July 2013

On June 27, the NLA Dallas Domestic Violence Team: Lex, Beth, Artemis, Rob, Hardy, and I (Jim R. had an emergency and was unable to attend) met here in Dallas with three administrators from The National Domestic Violence Hotline staff from Austin. We discussed the in-service training needs of hotline supervisors, and hotline phone operators. The team will be working on that for the rest of the summer and early fall. In early November we will be presenting the training tot he Hotline Administrators for their approval and recommendations for modifications. The final version will be presented to Hotline staff in early January 2014. This training will include a basic BDSM glossary, and listing of Kink/Leather/BDSM mental health counselors/psychotherapists for their staff to use as a referral guide for hotline callers. I have contacted the NCSF and asked the KAP listing coordinator for assistance in modifying the KAP listing for this purpose.

Beth is proceeding with getting final approval from her University for the “Survey on Intimate partner Abuse Among Practitioners of BDSM/Leather/Kink Lifestyles.” The target date for having the Survey up and running as a link on several national websites is the end of August.

Respectfully submitted,

Dennis C. Hartzog, M.Ed., LPC

NLA Dallas DVP Chairperson