Meet the Members – EC Member at Large – TC

Currently, TC is the Vice President for NLA-International; a Member at Large for NLA-Dallas, a board member of MAsT-DFW as well as MR Great Plains Olympus Leather 2013!


1. What first brought you to NLA?

After attending Beyond Vanilla I became interested in NLA and began attending meetings. 

2. What is it about NLA that makes it feel like home to you?

The people who are super awesome. 

3. If pressed, I’d identify myself as…


4. Define what “Leather” is to you?

Warmth, protection, something to be counted on in the battle of everyday life and more than can be explained here. Let’s talk about it at the next bar night. 

5. What are your top 3 Leather/kink passions?

Pantyhose, whips and teaching. Not necessarily in that order but most definitely in that order. 

6. What are your top 3 Vanilla passions?

Motorcycle riding, education and reading.

7. What was your first experience with Leather?

My first duty station a crazy sergeant introduced me to it in the most unconventional way. See Bards writing on my leather perspective for more

8. What is your most memorable Leather moment?

Having that same Sargent trust me with the fact that he was gay and taking me to a leather bar. 

9. What do you feel NLA is doing well?

Moving forward and not stagnating. 

10. What changes would you like to see in NLA?

Getting more younger folk in and involved.