Marketing Nominations and Election

As announced at the December NLA Meeting nominations are open for Marketing Director NLA Dallas, with the election occurring on January 7th, 2014.

The roles and responsibilities of the Marketing Director is:

8.10. Marketing Director

8.10.1. Is an Officer and member of the EC, and shall attend all EC and general membership meetings

8.10.2. Recruits and manages any required number of assistants are recommended, e.g. for, Technical and Artistic, as well as for general work. Assistants should include MAL’s and general members who volunteer.

8.10.3. Creates a marketing plan and budget for NLA-D, including event and club messaging, for outreach to the community and other clubs, and for marketing of activities to the membership and the community as appropriate

8.10.4. Creates marketing materials. I.e., ads, cards, flyers, posters, pins, patches, t-shirts, etc. to support the marketing plan.

8.10.5. Handles buying and selling of ad space. I.e., placing ads in run books, publications and websites, and selling the ad space for the Newsleather, as called for in the marketing plan

8.10.6. Distributes marketing materials. I.e., cards, flyers, posters, etc. per the marketing plan

8.10.7. For the annual Pride Parade, primary responsibility for the float decoration and marketing pieces (beads and marketing pieces), works with Social Director to do event registration and recruits volunteers.

8.10.8. Supports Co-chairs for media relations.

If interested in this position, or nominating someone for this position please contact the Co-Chairs.

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