Fun in North Texas

Do you go out and have fun in your community? Just look at all the great things there is to do and be involved in! Remember it takes all of us to make our community the dynamic place it is and to support all of the wonderful work that is done to help those in need in the North Texas region. Come on, join in the fun and make it better for all of us!

1) Wed Feb 19 from 8-10 is SLUTS Club night at the Hidden Door

*Trinity River Bears: Rhonda Mae’s Wall of Food Show from 9-11 at Club Changes in FW

2) Fri Feb 21 from 7-10 the Ft Worth Court is having their Candidates Pajama Party at Best Friends Club in Ft Worth

3) Sat Feb 22 NLA-D & Dan Perry presenting on Community at 2pm in the Eagle

*TGRA-D: Kickin It With Rodeo from 7-10 at the Eagle

4) Sun Feb 23 from 1-3 Ft Worth Court General Meeting at Cancer Care Services in FW

*TGRA-FW Cookout & Show from 4-10 at Club Reflections in FW

5) Wed Feb 26 from 7:30-10:30 UCLSE Club Night & Charity Fund Raiser at Hidden Door

6) Thu Feb 27 from 8-10 Ft Worth Court: Red Ribbon Show at Club Reflections in FW

7) WEEKEND EVENT: TGRA; A Texas Tradition of Rodeo go to for info

*Fri Feb 28 TGRA-Rodeo School at Dallas Fair Park go to for info

**Sat Mar 1st, is the TGRA-OK Tea Party from 7-10 at Hidden Door

8) Tue Mar 4 from 7-9 is the NLA-D General Meeting at the John Thomas Center

9) Wed Mar 5 from 7-10 is the T-Bears Club Night at the Hidden Door

10) Thu Mar 6 NLA-D and SPLF present their Meet & Greet from 8-10 at the Park Inn located in Champaign Ballroom A & B all members welcome regardless of event attendance.

11) WEEKEND EVENTS: South Plains Leather Fest and Esprit de Corps

For more info visit: or

12) Sat Mar 8 from 9-10 is NLA Bar Night at the Eagle.

13) Sun Mar 9 TGRA-D from 1:30-2:30 General Membership Meeting at Round Up

*UCLSE-EC Meeting from 1:30-3 at Youth First Texas followed by their General Membership meeting from 3-5

As always the NTXCC Community Calendar is up and ready to help you plan your fun.

Plus we have our own calendar of events too. Visit and see what NLA is up to.

Just click that link to see the calendar. If you want more info just click on the entry and get the details. If you have anything that should be added to the community calendar drop a line with the details to me at and I will send them along to be listed.

Go, support, and be a part of your community! Hope to see you!

Boy Leo