Dances With Bears: A Black Forest Feast

My Sir, David, and myself were honored to be presented and to walk our vests before the various courts from across North America that were in attendance at the Dallas Coronation. As well, we were introduced by our friend Donna Dumae a former Empress of the Imperial Court of Dallas to the Queen Mother of the Americas Empress Nichole the Great.

There are also photos of the TCC event put on by the Trinity River Bears and the Fire Dancers Houston Chapter. The event, “Dances With Bears: A Black Forest Feast,” was held this past weekend Oct 31 through Nov 3 and was a party of fun costumes, great food, and tasty cocktails.

I had a blast helping out my Sir with the event and by putting on the NLA-Dallas cocktail party. As your representative to TCC I did a Jamaican Warlock Brew with an Undead Warlcock for the costume. We were awarded a medallion for the cocktail!

Hope you all had a fun Halloween weekend!

Thank you,
Boy Leo

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