Cut it, Suck it, Set it on Fire! A Demonstration by Master TC

By Bushido_Bard

      At the Dallas Eagle we were treated to a demonstration of one of Master TC’s favorite things; blood! “Blood is my thing!” he exclaimed to his audience. “I love to play with it, cause it to flow, watch it run, etc.” His excitement was palpable as he began setting up his play space. Like a kid in a candy store, he explained the various tools and safety equipment he would be using for his scene. While preparing his space, Master TC explained that he had been playing with cutting and fire for roughly 15 years, but blood play was still his favorite. When his co-presenter, slave Audra, entered the area he began his presentation in earnest.

Master TC carefully examined slave Audra’s back and legs for any cuts or bruises that could be a hindrance to play. “Safety first!” he exclaimed. To play safely, you must insure that your bottom will not have wounds reopen or injuries exacerbate because of new cutting or cupping. He checked that all hair was neatly braided or easily tied away from her back. Next he carefully inspected his cupping glasses for any imperfections that could cause minor cuts or breaking of the glass. With everything ready he began to play!

“I like to start with plastic cups and using this suction gun. It just sucks the air right out; it’s safer than fire and if there’s gonna be any problems we’ll see them now” Master TC began. He also explained that the cups can be cleaned and used on another person. After spending some time with the plastic, he broke out his wands and began soaking them in alcohol. Again, he checked in with slave Audra to make sure that she was ready to move on to fire. Master TC described his choice of alcohol as 70% as this allows for more streamlined results. He then checked his glass cups for scratches or chips. “I like to move the cups around and tap them, so if there are any imperfections it may cause the glass to break”, he said. Using cotton-ball fire wands he began to apply the cups and moving them around.

After removing the cups he retrieved from his collection a scalpel. With a devilish grin Master TC spoke, “Now we’ve come to my favorite part!” Cleaning off slave Audra’s back he again checked with her that she was still fine with proceeding to cutting. “Anytime you begin a scene that will involve blood,” he said “make sure the area is clean so we don’t cause infections.” Next he laid down sheets of cloth over the bench in case there was any leaks with the cutting. Carefully and methodically he began cutting into the skin…

Master TC finished a few incisions in the shape of an “X” before addressing the crowd, “I like to make small marks that will allow blood to flow, but not too much; easier to clean up too!” When the marks were complete but before the blood was really running he applied the fire cups to the wounds. Immediately the wounds bled quicker as the heated glass seemed to call the blood from the wound. Prudently and precisely, Master TC heated each glass and applied them to the cut areas. When the last cup was placed he stood back and admired his work. Every few seconds he would touch the glass cups as if testing them and relishing in the pooled blood. Every other movement was spent touching slave Audra to reassure her and reaffirm her status.

Master TC returned from his trance and he addressed the crowd, “We have reached the end of the presentation. I am TC, this is slave Audra, and I hope you enjoyed this demonstration.” He gave a short bow and as hands clapped he focused on slave Audra and ensured that she received proper aftercare. He explained that he preferred rubbing alcohol for cleaning the wounds and Iodine as well. If a cut is still bleeding slightly just use a band aid and unsure there are no open wounds when you are done.

He happily answered questions as he began packing and cleaning his tools. Most of the questions dealt with where he found his tools or how he constructed them. Safety questions soon followed and he clarified a few tips. “Amazon and Ebay are great for your first set of cups; glass or plastic. The vast majority of glassware is dishwasher safe and it’s not too expensive. Obviously if you use them for blood-play I’d get a different set for each person.” He explained that although there are methods for cleaning blood and other fluids off of the glass, it’s cheaper and easier to just use a different set. After cutting and cupping it is usually best to wait two weeks for everything to heal properly before participating in flogging or anything that may cause wounds to reopen.

Master TC has been active in the Dallas Leather scene for over 20 years and has visited many cities in the United States teaching others about his experiences. He has also volunteered for various conventions and taught classes including “Cut it, Suck it, and Set it on Fire”. If you would like to know more about Master TC and his demonstration he can be found on Fetlife.

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