Community Flags: Leather Girl Pride

The most common flag for female-identifying Leatherfolkx is the Leather Girl Pride Flag.  According to Las Vegas Pride, the black stripes represent Leather and permanence, the pink ones represent female leather, the white are for purity and innocence, and the red heart is for the love of Leather women.  It sometimes appears with the stripes placed diagonally but is more commonly seen mirroring the Leather Pride Flag.  A woman named Tori Jones has designed a Leather Woman Pride Flag where the blue of the Leather Pride Flag is replaced by purple instead of pink; she chose purple for its royal color, which she feels represents her and many other women in the Leather Community.  While it does not appear to have been as widely adopted, merchandise is available with this flag.  Click here to see various offerings.

Leather Girl Pride Flag
Leather Woman Pride Flag by Tori Jones

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