Bound Rose on July 2nd!

Hello to one and all!

The July meeting of Bound Rose is Wednesday July 2 at The Sanctuary. To get back into the swing of things I will be giving the demo on cupping. I have taught this class several times many moons ago and hope to provide you with entertainment as well as useful information and ideas. All the various methods of cupping from fire to suction will be shown.

If you would like to practice fire cupping bring several small Voltaire candle holders. Please make sure the rims do not have any nick or rough spots. You will also need a lighter and a few coins. I will supply the cotton and alcohol. (not the drinking kind) LOL

The concept of Bound Rose is to provide time and space where people can practice or improve new skills. After the demo the dungeon will be open for your use. Please remember this is for education and practice and will not follow the ‘standard’ dungeon rules. There will be no music and talking, questions and sharing are encouraged. So, if you are ‘playing’ be aware that people might interrupt with questions and help.

The time does NOT have to be spent on the nights demo, but any skill that you would like to practice in a non threating environment without people judging. If there is something you would like to learn more about please let me know and I will find someone with that knowledge and skill to come demo at future meetings.

I will need a volunteer for the demo bottom, experience is not an issue. Since I am flying solo these days, I hope to find someone else that would be willing to be ‘in service’ to me during the evening. I need an extra pair of hands during the demo and to run errands and such during the evening. Please make sure you have your partners permission to serve me. If you can help in either one of these positions please contact me privately.

Please cross post this in any group, with the groups owner permission.
Loving in Leather,
Ms Boots