Bound Rose is on Fire!

Come Warm up those cold winter nights!
What: Bound Rose
When:February 4, 2015
Time: 7pm -10pm
Where: The Sanctuary
Cost: $5/Sanctuary members $15 for every one else
Why: To educate, learn, share and grow BDSM skills.
Who: Ms Tressa (see class description and bio below)
*Bound Rose invites you to discover the true nature of fire play with MsTressa as she demonstrates and educates various aspects of scening with fire. Additionally, MsTressa will also go into further detail regarding fire safety, procuring and storing implements, and fire play-related aftercare.*
7-8 social/eating Please bring something to share.
8-9 demo/learning hands on
9-10 Play allowed in back dungeon. Dungeon rules and etiquette apply. Front dungeon will be lighted to encourage learning and practicing skills.
Please RSVP. Click on link below or contact MstsBoots
Although Ms Tressa explored the fringes of kink for many years prior, it was not until Fall of 2010 that at the urging of a dear friend she began to explore kink in its entirety. She successfully completed the Dallas Mentors Program in December 2011, and as part of that process gained a deeper understanding and acceptance of herself as both a dominant and sadist. Since then, she has developed a lasting connection to the Dallas/Ft.Worth kink community and has established herself as both a leader and educator. Ms Tressa is a founding member and leader of two groups in the D/FW area. Plano Area Kinksters is a small group of locals enjoying generic kink social activities. Keepers of the Sacred Flame is dedicated to the education and experience of fire play in all its various forms.
The Art of Fire Play
Fire is one of the most alluring and yet frightening forces of nature, and it is inherent that one fears fire for its destructiveness. Fire burns, fire devours, and still it inspires. In Greek mythology, Prometheus gave fire to humanity, allowing it to flourish and survive. Fire in its true form is merely the combustion of a propellant in such a way that energy is expelled in the form of heat and light as a material is consumed.
Most people new to play fear fire because of its destructive nature, and those fears can be well warranted. But in truth, fire in the hands of an experienced fire player can be both exciting, sensual, erotic, and edgy.