rebel (she/her)

Have you met rebel yet? If not, rebel is a sweet leathergirl pig and unowned slave, who was gifted an NLA-Dallas membership by a previous partner who knew she wanted to get more involved in the Leather community.  Once a rebel with no cause, her cause has now been found: rebellion in Leather, Light, and Love against society's normal programming, the mundane, and judgement. “Growth and Service are my strong passions because both help me get closer to my vision, and Leather is my life and spiritual passion because it helps me improve myself greatly." 

rebel (she/her)

NLA-Dallas feels like home for her because of all the people who have welcomed her into their lives, embracing her like family and encouraging her to truly be her very best piggy self. she identifies as an unowned Leathergirl pig slave, which she describes as being dirty and nasty not only of mind and play but also of life.  

rebel’s first experience with Leather was during her time as an apprentice in the Dallas submissive Mentors Program (DsMP). New to the lifestyle from the swinger/rope community, she was looking for ways to learn. In her search for mentoring, she found the DsMP and completed the program in 2018, an experience which she says changed her life forever. When asked about her most recent memorable moment in Leather, she recalls a small private event in the fall of 2020 where her life was impacted in such an enormous way that it led to her rededication to the community and her path. You may have seen rebel recently sporting a shaven head.  In having it shaved, she gave herself back to the community in a humbling and connective way that demonstrates her unconditional love for the community she serves. 

In her daily life, rebel loves spending time with her children, watching them grow, and teaching them about self-love, something she did not learn as a child. Music heals her heart and soul when she is troubled, and settling in with a good book allows her to escape her troubles while educating herself.  From her newfound knowledge, she hopes to be a resource for others while simultaneously building a reality from which she wishes never to feel the need to escape. 

rebel is a kind person with a strong heart who has a penchant for loving people without judgement or conditions.  she shines in her service and surrender to the queer, the darkness, and the discomfort of growth. she can often be found smoking cigars at events and lighting up a space with her oinks of laughter.  If you haven't had the chance to meet her yet, make sure you say howdy!

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