Malcolm identifies himself as an in-charge person and defines Leather as the ideals in which he tries to live his life: Honesty, Loyalty, and Integrity. His first experience with Leather and the Leather community  was hanging out at his father’s store in Houston called Blackhawk Leather and working on their computers. Although he originally joined NLA-Dallas for the educational resources, he shares that what keeps him most involved is the people. “I have made so many life-long connections through NLA-Dallas. I couldn’t even begin to name them all.” Also self-described as a computer, TV, and video game enthusiast, he loves everything tech related. 

Often, he’s found in front of a computer or taking something apart with the tv on and running in the background. Speaking of video games, he says, “I enjoy a good story and being a part of it!” He feels that over the last few years NLA-Dallas has become a bit stagnant. In his observation, this happens in groups when ‘a change of blood’ is about to take place. He elaborates by stating, “it’s great to see so many fresh faces with exciting ideas step up and keep the organization alive.”  He feels that NLA-Dallas is on a good path and encourages them to keep it up with new and exciting ideas. If there’s something you want to do and are passionate about, speak up and let’s hear it!

Out of his top three kink passions, volunteering comes to the top of the list as evidenced by his early days in the community. He could be seen at a Committee Meeting on almost any night of the week until he learned how to find a healthy balance, which admittedly took a long time. He affectionately describes rough body play as another passion: enjoying the primal actions, getting close and feeling interactions and the energy created with your other. Lastly, Malcolm’s evil smirk comes out when talking of electric play, “I love a good reaction and zapping someone with electricity certainly applies!” His utmost memorable Leather experience was his first year as Beyond Vanilla Co-Director putting out those pop-up “fires” with the BV Team that always seem to happen at events. Watching everyone laughing and enjoying themselves influenced him the most. “It is a feeling and rush like no other,” says Malcolm. Thanks to his and the BV Team’s dedication, it’s a conference we all anticipate with lasting memories to cherish.

Malcolm (he/him)

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NLA-Dallas members speak openly about adult material which may be inappropriate for minors.