Meet the Members!

Meet Briar 

1. What first brought you to NLA?
Current members who approached me, as I had been seeking someplace to fit in where it didn’t feel as though I was consistently having to watch my back and justify myself.


2. What is it about NLA that makes it feel like home to you?
After attending meetings on and off for about a year, it was natural to commit to an organization which not only embraces growth yet continues to be involved as a whole. I have personally experienced on many occasions someone stepping in to ensure my safety and well being were protected.


3. If pressed, I’d identify myself as…
A leather woman growing on her leather journey.


4. Define what “Leather” is to you?
Leather in my world is a way of life, it is living with honor, respect, truth, humility, grace and having a servant heart – where actions speak louder than words.  Respecting those that have paved the path before me.  It is discipline and structure.  It is my chosen family.


5. What are your top 3 Leather/kink passions?
Being a part of the bigger picture and health of the community as a whole


6. What are your top 3 Vanilla passions?
My biological family
Sons Of Anarchy


7. What was your first experience with Leather?
…openly…the Pride Parade 4 years ago.  I was fortunate to help with the NLA float and ride it during the parade, it was definitely a good experience.


8. What is your most memorable Leather moment?
At a WILL event, Spending more than half my time hanging at the Bootblack chairs.  This is the weekend I finally decided that I wanted to Bootblack in public.  I had been doing it in my homes for the last 25 years however that weekend was monumental for me.


9. What do you feel NLA is doing well?
NLA perspectives has been such a value add, I strive to make all the presentations as I have learned a lot from each one.  Being part of the BV committee, I have to say has been an eye opener.  The amount of work associated with this group is phenomenal. I am in awe of the amount of behind the scenes work is done with NLA.


10. What changes would you like to see in NLA?
It would be nice to see a lot less ranting and perhaps more productive conversations.  I get it that families will have disagreements, yet heated arguments during business meetings are unsettling.  I have been present during two of these this year alone.  Keeping in mind that we would encourage membership and not chase newcomers away with sessions such as these.


It would also be nice to know if a quorum has been met before the meeting begins, should there be any voting during the business meeting, it would be more productive to know this in advance of voting.

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NLA-Dallas members speak openly about adult material which may be inappropriate for minors.